Served with Miso Soup, House Salad,
Hibachi Vegetable, Shrimps and
Steamed Rice*

(*substitute with Fried Rice for $2.00 or with Noodle for $3.50)

AI TeppanYaki Sauces: Ginger Sauce, Mustard Sauce,
Gluten-free Teriyaki Sauce and YummyYummy Sauce

A La Carte:
Fried Rice 3.50
Hibachi Noodle 5.00
Shrimps( 5 pcs. ) 8.00
Jumbo Scallops( 2 pcs. ) 8.00
Extra chicken 7.00

LUNCH 3.png


White Chicken Breast 14.95

Teriyaki White Chicken 15.95

White Chicken with Shrimp or Scallop 17.95


Steak (U.S.D.A. choice N.Y. strip) 16.95

Teriyaki Steak 17.95

AI Choice (N.Y. strip steak with shrimps or with scallops) 19.95

Filet Mignon (U.S.D.A. choice tenderloin) 18.95


Shrimp (Black Tiger shrimps) 16.95

Jumbo Scallop 16.95

Salmon (#1 grade Scottish salmon) 16.95

Calamari Steak 16.95

DINNER 2.png


White Chicken breast 18.95

Teriyaki White Chicken 19.95

White Chicken with Shrimp or Scallop 23.95


Steak (U.S.D.A. Choice New York strip) 22.95

Sukiyaki Steak (Thin-sliced N.Y. strip steak with green onion) 23.95

Teriyaki Steak 24.95

Garlic Steak (10oz N.Y. strip steak with garlic) 28.95

AI Choice (N.Y. strip steak with shrimps or scallops) 28.95

Steak & Lobster Tail 38.95

Filet Mignon (U.S.D.A. choice tenderloin) 27.95

Filet Mignon & Shrimp 33.95

Filet Mignon & Scallop 33.95

Filet Mignon & Lobster Tail 43.95

AI Couple Special (A large hot sake for drink,California roll or spicy tuna roll for appetizer and Hibachi steak with shrimps and scallops) 58.95


- All substitutions are subjected to price increases.
- Not all ingredients of each dish are described;
  Please let us know if you are allergic to a certain food.
- Prices are subject to change without notice.
18% gratuity will be added to parties of six or more. No Separate checks please.





Veggie Lover (Various vegetable with yakisoba noodle) 18.95


Shrimp (Black Tiger shrimps) 22.95

Jumbo Scallop 22.95

Salmon (#1 grade Scottish salmon) 21.95

Calamari Steak 21.95

Lobster Tail (7oz lobster tail) 23.95

Seafood Combo (Lobster tail, shrimps and scallops) 39.95